A little about us...

We have been taking pictures of friends and family for the better half of the past decade. Photography is more then just a business for us, its a hobby that we both share and enjoy. After getting married in 2013, we created Pixel Perfect Imaging to bring our unique take on photography to the Chicago-land area.

Experience is something that can be very difficult to gauge in the photography world. There are constantly changing styles and technologies that can make even the most in-experienced photographers look like professionals. For us, photography is an art. Every photo we take is captured with a unique final product in mind. From the positioning of our clients in the photo to the amount of light we allow into our camera, everything is taken into account as we create the best possible image for you.

Along with that, we understand that this single moment is a moment that you have waited for for so long. We want to help you cherish that moment for life. We want to help tell your story. Be it a wedding or a baby shower, every image we create tells a story – your story.

Experience is only a small fraction of what we bring to the table. To really be able to tell your tale, we really try to get to know you and what it is that you like. We understand that for many people, being in front of a camera is not an easy task and so we try our best to make it as informal and stress free as possible.

Give us a call, and we can schedule a quick meeting and show you what the Pixel Perfect Imaging difference truly is.